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Accident~~ 5 August, 2008

Filed under: Uncategorized — Grace @ 1:15 pm

I had an accident yesterday. I really thank God that the car coming out of the junction did not bang into the right side of my car, that i jammed on the breaks in time without having my car crashed into the side curb and there were no oncoming vehicles behind my car.

I don’t think it was my fault.. There are two junctions which are around 5-10 seconds apart going into my place. I normally take the 2nd junction because it’s nearer to home. I made sure my signal light was turned on only after the 1st junction.. but yet the car (so what if it was an Evo) came out from the junction as though i was invisible. O_o

As though in slow motion, i saw the the black Evo nearing my car till it was inches away from my car *during that moment, all i could think of was “it’s coming, it’s gonna bang” *…that was when i swerved to the left side of the road and jammed on the breaks.

I was filled with rage after that… i couldn’t even remember if i bothered to look at my rear view mirror to see if there were any oncoming cars before moving to the right side of the road.

It was hours after the incident that a different feeling came to me. Fear. What if the car really bang into mine? How bad would the situation be? Would i badly hurt? Would anyone know? Would YOU even know? Suddenly i felt so alone…


5 Responses to “Accident~~”

  1. Oh gosh! Thank goodness you’re okay, dear.


  2. Grace Says:

    I’m okay… i’m lucky i survived.. it’s not the 1st time tho. before this, a motor nearly bang into me. again… it seems as tho my car, which is white by the way.. is invisible. *shrugs*

  3. argus Says:

    Maybe you have to paint it an unforgettable orange, Spiffy. Glad you’re unscathed — poor thing though.

    Hey, nice new blog, by the way. Thanks for telling me.

  4. Grace Says:

    Hahah.. yea, or maybe a bright yellow. ;o)

    Thank dear… *hugs*

  5. lydiateh Says:

    Grace, so this is the accident you were talking about. Good thing you’re okay.

    I have an exciting contest at my blog. Check it out : http://lydiateh.wordpress.com/2008/09/23/contest-do-you-wear-suspenders/


    Nice blog.

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