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The good old days… 25 June, 2008

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During my secondary schooling days, i had this friend who were my ‘partner-in-crime’ or something to that effect. We had sat beside each other for years because we were always in the same class. There was this plan that we came up with, between the two of us.. It happened whenever we were gossiping, or talking about stuffs that we didn’t want others to know about. Everytime someone was within earshot of our conversation, we would immediately switch our topic of conversation to…….food, specifically burgers or hotdogs. Below is an example of how our conversation would be like:

Eh, you know ah.. i heard that SS got new gf again u know..

What?! Another new gf ah? I thot he just change like last month ago?

Izzit? I dunno la.. that’s what i heard from KK la… but that’s not the main point. You know who the gf is anot??

Who? Who?? Someone we know ah..?

Of course la….!

Who wh….

*suddenly a friend stopped at our desks…

Told you to try that one lor. That one very nice one.

Ya meh? You sure anot? Don’t bluff me wor.

What you all toking bout?

Hotdog lor.. ask her to try that one she dowan to listen.

You all ah…hotdog also got topic one.

*friend leaves our desks..

So, who’s the girl?

And we would continue our conversation again as though nothing happened. It was a pretty good plan too, because it enabled us to gossip all we want and no one would know about it. There was once a friend who happened to ask us, why after so long we were still on the same topic. Hahahah….

On another matter, (still during my schooling days tho) does any of you noticed that if you stop and stare at something for a long time, soon the other people who are around you also does the same?

I spoke of this to the same friend of mine one day, before the morning assembly. I told her, let’s try it out and see if others do the same. So the two of us, stood still and look up in the sky. Soon afterwards, a few friends, stopped, looked up in the sky and asked us what were looking at. We just said “Nothing“. They replied by saying “If nothing then why the two of you looking up?”. “Because we like la. Why you also looking?



4 Responses to “The good old days…”

  1. Gossip greases the day and lets the hour pass quicker, no? 😉

  2. Grace Says:

    yeah… it’s either that or we sometimes eat in class. haha…

  3. Wah lama u no update blog di lah… Hurry up, dear, something new! 🙂

  4. Grace Says:

    Sorry… been plague by writer’s block la. Hehe… but there.. new post up. ;o)

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