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Life…as it is. 19 February, 2008

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I’m currently sitting in Starbucks, sipping Java Chip Frappucino, listening to my favourite MP3 songs, surfing, texting and cracking my brain on how actually does Facebook work. A stress-free, good life on a working Tuesday, you would say.. but who will ever know that in my mind, i’m worried about not being able to get a job, sorry..let me correct that, not being able to get a job i prefer, not being able to finish my freaking final uni project, afraid that i can’t take some issues any longer and finally call it quits?

Well, i guess anyone who’s reading this post will know now, won’t they? Haha… but seriously, this is life. It’s never always all ups… when i was having my down time, no one knew.. except for the few that i confided in. Who would know that under the ever-smiling, carefree and crazy me, there actually is a scared lil girl who’s afraid of making changes and taking up challenges in life? This is the part where i don’t tell anyone about…not even loved ones. Guess you can say i’m afraid of being laughed at. Ha ha.


On a different note, Chinese New Year is almost over…i’ve gotten quite a good amount of ang pow this year. As i’ve said to every uncles and aunties that told me “this is the last year i’m giving it to you, you better get married next year..!”, i’m gonna collect ang pows for a few more years! LoLzz…!~~ This year have been reasonably quiet…but it feels good. Didn’t managed to meet up with everyone, but what the heck… i’ll see you guys sooner or later. Oh, also i did not lou sang this year… hmmpphh! Anyone know where i can still buy discounted yee sang at supermarkets? I went looking at the Seremban Jusco, but apparently, they’ve cleared every damn thing.. even the cartons of drinks. 😡


Valentine’s Day. A good day. For shops to make big bucks, especially the florists. Did i receive any, you ask? Nope. Not even the leaf from a rose stalk. Sad, you say? Like i’ve told Kenny, i’ve come to discover that V Day’s not all about presents, flowers or chocolates. It’s the warm , fuzzy and extremely sickly sweet feeling you get inside.

When he didn’t even send you an SMS wishing you Happy Valentine’s Day..its bad enuff. What’s worse is that he worked til 9 sumthing at night, then call you to tell that’s he’s going home, eat, bathe and sleep.. without even mentioning ANYTHING about Valentine’s Day.. let alone any presents for you. He hung up, saying he got a call to make.

So. Fine. I’m not gonna make a big fuss about it. It’s just another commercialized celebration. Being the understanding girlfriend that i am, i sms-ed him : Drive safe. Text me when you’re back home. ;o)

Half an hour later, i received a call..

“I’ve reached”.


“I’ve reached your house, silly”. (with a smirk in his voice)

“What? Don’t lie”.

“Am not. Go change and follow me go buy food. I’m starving like mad”.

“Okay”..(trying my freaking best not to let him know that i was grinning like a Cheshire Cat)

So, now you see where that warm , fuzzy and extremely sickly sweet feeling you get inside come from? So what if there were no flowers, no present and no card? What matters is it came from deep within.. call him cheap, but i think it’s real darn sweet. At least he didn’t waste a bomb on anything. He can save the money for my birthday. Hah!

P/S: Not sure when i’ll be able to post again.. but i’ll try my best. Take care all… ^_^



2 Responses to “Life…as it is.”

  1. kennymah Says:

    Tung Tung Chiang!!!


    But yes. So sweet. All I could think of when reading it was, “Awwww…”



  2. Argus Lou Says:

    That’s what real life is all about, Spiffy. ^_^
    Overpriced heart-shaped chocs and next-day-wilting roses don’t mean a thing. What means a lot to you here is that he surprised you by showing up at your house and casually mentioning he wants your company, with food as the excuse.

    And not to fret about changes in your career and finishing your project. Everyone has fears of some kind or another. Cheers!

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