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ChEcK iT Out…~ 6 July, 2007

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I have to put this in. I nicked this from my cousin’s blog. Check it out…Interview with the Director of DonChan Palace Laos and it is non other than……*please point cursor to the link to reveal the answer*




7 Responses to “ChEcK iT Out…~”

  1. JuN~YiN Says:

    Wah… Ur cousin so geng wan ah???

  2. Argus Lou Says:

    Waaa… so proud of your cuz, right? 🙂
    Found a neat ‘trick’ – pause the interview at different points and Ben has a funny expression sometimes, heh heh.

  3. gRaCe Says:

    Hahah…ermm..he is but to me he’s still the same cousin i grew up with. He do look much matured than his real age in that interview tho. Heheh..;o)

    Argus dear,
    Yep, i sure am! He’s come a long way..not that he’s very much older than me. Hahah..yeah, shud tell my couz to do that himself. Hehe..

  4. Argus Lou Says:

    Laos sounds like a great place to visit. Have you been, Spiffy?

    Oh, pop over to look at Scarface the duck. I’ve got his picture (methinks!).

  5. gRaCe Says:

    I’m sure it is..;o) i haven’t been ther yet..work’s been tying me down. I’m in the midst of planning a trip over tho..hehe..

    Okie, Okie..*hopping over now*

  6. bensiu Says:

    Wahleow… Thanks for the promo…hahaha..your friends have more comment than my friends do…Hmph…Thank you thank you…Please visit Laos people!

  7. gRaCe Says:

    It’s my pleasure..my cousin kena interview wor..sure Killa proud wei! =D hahah…u should tell ur friends that…=P

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