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WoRRiEs & B*tChInG 8 June, 2007

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I feel like crying…

I’ve been telling myself since morning to calm down and take things one at a time. Make phone calls one by one and things will fall into place but i’m not doing very good. Being the multitasker that i am, my brain is processing everything at one go and that’s making me panic. For once, i’m not thanking God because it’s Friday. I wished today is Tuesday or something…i’m running out of time. =(

On another note, being nice to others sometimes may not be the best thing to do. Please read below:-

“FYI…you gave me the wrong address….again.”

“Huh? Is it? I took it from the website. *in my heart, what the heck do you mean again?!?!*”

“That’s why i asked you to check with KK. Nevermind la.”

*went offline*

How rude can anyone be?? First of all, this person knows KK. Has KK’s number, why can’t he/she call KK herself/himself?? So what if i’m closer to KK, asking for an address has nothing to do with who’s closer to who. The address also i googled it on the net, which she/he can do her/himself. Now that the address is wrong, i am to blame!?!? HELLOOO..!! Nak mintak tolong orang, nak marah pulak. Please la!!

*Spiffy’s got enough of bitching. What a bad Friday..sighhh..Help me someone? =(*



5 Responses to “WoRRiEs & B*tChInG”

  1. zewt Says:

    calm down… dont let it affect you… it’s part and parcel of life…

    it’s friay so let us all enjoy the weekend…. 😉

  2. Kenny Mah Says:

    Ditto what Zewt said. It’s all part of the daily work grind, though meself hates it much, just have to bear with it lor…

    This is the first time in ages since I have time to read other blogs… Ga. If only we can have all we want without earning $$$. Well, one can dream, right? LOL

  3. msiagirl Says:

    Hi Spiffy, I am sorry your day is so bad 😦 hope it all gets better and you can have a better weekend. It CAN only get better, right? Give me a smile! hugs from p

  4. Argus Lou Says:

    Some folk just unconsciously try to spread their negativity around, Spiff. Don’t fall for it.

    Hey, by the way, I’ve sent off the ‘sane scenic’ postcard to you (not the insane cow one). Should arrive by next week.

  5. gRaCe Says:

    Heyy..thanks. I’m much betta after telling it out loud to a friend. Hahah..gotta get everything out, then will feel better. hehe..;o)

    My weekend was quite well spent, had enough of rest and managed to catch a movie with my bro..

    You’re back!! Ohh, how my blog have missed you. ;o) not bout work, not bout work. Heheh…i try not to complain bout me work much..not good for meself. =)

    We can always dream, my dear..yes we can. Hahah..

    Hie hie! I haven’t settled the problem…yet. But am feeling much better, what with comments from all of you. Makes me smile non-stop. =D Yes, ur right..it CAN only get better. Hehe..*hugs*

    You are SO right, girl. I normally won’t let things like this get to me but have had a really bad day, so….=(

    Thank You! Thank You! Will be waiting for it..*hugs!*

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