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A tRiP uP NoRtH & CenTraL…~~ 4 June, 2007

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Last weekend had been eventful and dead tired as well..Read on to see what i did. ;o)


Rushed over to Just Heavenly after work at 5pm to collect my cousin’s birthday cake. Didn’t know the way even though i printed out the map(bleh..!) to go over to Plaza Damansara. Called up Kenny to ask but he was driving(dangerous, dangerous)..he managed to sms me Lyrical Lemongrass‘ number though and being the lovely and sweet babe that she is, directed us to Plaza Damansara. *Thanks a lot dear!* To top that off, she even volunteered to call Nigel to expect us. Such a sweet darling..;o)

After collecting the cake(which was Choc & Cheese btw..), we headed home(SS3) first because party was at about 930pm. After dinner, we got ready and off we went to Mystique at The Curve. Being a Friday, the place was brimmed with clubbers. We initially wasn’t very happy with the service from the management. My cousin open a big bottle of Chivas and also a barrel of beer, which cost about RM3K+ altogether but what did they give us? 3 standing tables. Not even the sofa seats…my goodness..! There were about 30 of us..just imagine. Bahh!

Another thing i don’t like..their toilets. Apa punya toilet, they didn’t even separate the ladies and the men. All masuk together…I keep thinking, what if a dead drunk guy slams open the door. *scary* Anyway, we(me and my younger cousins) were there till bout 1 something..(early, yes? Not for me..read on). I didn’t get drunk, which was very good…because i had a full day later. Went back home, slept at bout 345am…


Woke up at 445am. Why so early?? Am going on a one day trip to Gua Tempurung, Ipoh! (so leaving at 1 something the night before was actually quite late for me..^_^) Yayy…! There were 13 of us altogether on the trip. We met up at the Rawang rest stop and headed to Kampar for breakfast. Had some really nice white coffee there, perked me up immediately. =D We reached our destination later than planned and being the school holidays now, there were a lot of people. Parents, kids, grandparents, etc…i was kinda surprised to see so many kids running around. *Chet, we can go together next time, age is definitely not a problem ..=D*

The first half of the journey was quite commercialised, with stairs build all around. We just followed the stairs all along while looking at the magnificent cave. There were a whole lot of stairs though..but i was telling myself, if people elder than me can climb..so can i. This should be kacang putih! So, there we were climbing up the stairs, half following the group and half exploring on ourselves. Actually, it’s not really possible to get lost there, cuz there is a pathway. Ikut saja…LoLzz..;o) 3 quarter into the first half, there were no more stairs, we had to walk in water the whole way thru. I was afraid of the insects that might crawl out…leeches, spiders, big ants etc…heheh..

We came out to a clearing about 2 hours later…i was very happy to see the light. Hahah..rested for a while, washed the stones and sands off our shoes and off we went back in.

The path back out is basically wet all the way thru..we have to walk in water, some parts where we have to “duck walk” and at times up to the point of crawling our way around because the top of the cave was just too low for us to walk. By this time, my mission is just to get my butt out of the cave, whatever fears i had of leeches in water, big hairy spiders and what nots have all been erased from my mind. LoLzz…!

When we finally made it out, i was wet from top to bottom when everyone else was wet from bottom down, all thanks to my colleague who poured water on my head. Grr…! When we were walking back to our cars, an uncle(i assumed he work there..) said, “Eh, takde hujan pun.. mengapa semua basah? ” Aduii…

Dinner was marvellous food. Went for taugeh chicken, then after that adjourned to this food court where we had more food. I reached PJ at bout 12am. Slept at about 2am..*tired as hell..*


Was awaken by my cousin at about 10 something for breakfast. We went to Gombak for breakfast and guess where we went after breakfast??

Batu Caves!!

Everyone was telling me…”Grace, round 2 for you! Hahah….” Thank God the girls didn’t want to climb up the stairs, if not i would have to take off my high heels to walk up.

I was finally home in Seremban at about 6-ish pm. What a weekend! =D


4 Responses to “A tRiP uP NoRtH & CenTraL…~~”

  1. Chet Says:

    We can? See how, ler.

  2. gRaCe Says:

    We can..just don’t use the route that i used lor..follow back the stairs..shud be okie one. ;o)

  3. Lyrical Lemongrass Says:

    hey i’ll wear my undergarments outside and come to your rescue if you ever need help locating a makan place, k! hehehe. It’s a bird, it’s a plane, …wham!!! It’s Lyrical Lemongrass? Bam!! (hitting the ground real hard)

  4. gRaCe Says:

    Hahahha…and i’m sure ur undergarments will be much more nicer than Superman’s one. ;o) yup, now i noe to who kacau when i need great food. heheh…won’t hit the ground…will land gracefully..^_^

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