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HiStORy oF De` DeAd…~ 13 May, 2007

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Just to share the pics i’ve taken from the headhunter village.. especially, the skulls…Scaryy..!

This is the headhunter village that we went to.. It’s called Monsopiad Cultural Village.

I forgot the name of this fruit/plant but according to our guide, once this fruit touches our skin.. It will itch like crazy..right to the bones. She used to use this fruit as bullets to her slingshots aimed at the boys..because the boys wouldn’t let the girls tag along. Hahahah…

The only remedy to stop the itching is to the the roots of the plant and rub on our skin..or something like that..;o)

Can you all figure out what’s in the photo??

A nearer and clearer picture of the skulls. The brown patches on the skulls are actually blood of the enemies. This happens because when the ‘hero’ brings back the head, it is put on a large slab of rock to dry. This goes on until only the skull remains and then it will be hang at the ceiling.
This is the slab of rock that i mentioned earlier. I didn’t take a further shot of this because the guide said that if we look closely, we can see an image of a person on the rock. They believe that the spirits of the dead are all in the rock. *I wouldn’t dare stay the night here..* See if you can ‘see’ the image of a person…I couldn’t really see it at first but now it’s getting clearer to me.. *shivers…*

I think i should share the history of this race here. All the skulls in the room are brought back by this one headhunter(forgot his name..probably called Monsopiad. LoLzz..). All 42 of them. Our tour guide tells us that the skulls have been in this village for a very, very long time and they have been passed down to the descendants of the man to care and protect the skulls(they believe the spirits of the dead are still roaming in the room).In fact, the current 7th descendant of the skulls is a 79 year old man, which conveniently lived next door. Hahah…

Now, here’s the interesting part. As time passes and everything becomes more modernised, the children of the 79 year old uncle have all converted to Christians and thus, they don’t believe in the culture of passing down the skulls to the younger generations. Because of that, when the uncle passes away one day, all the 42 ‘heads’ will be buried together with him.

So i suggest that anyone who is interested to pay a visit to the village, better do it soon or else when u drop by in the future, the skulls that you see hanging at the ceiling are just fakes. That would’ve spoilt the whole feel and mystery of the ‘cooling’ room. Brr….~~

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