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FeaR…~~ 23 April, 2007

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Everyone is afraid of something..be it losing a family member, fear of the dark, of crowds, of failure..u name it. I’ve never met anyone so far that is not afraid of anything..although sometimes they can act tough in front of others(U can lie to others but not to urself..).

As for myself, i’m afraid of quite a number of things..*yes, u can call me a chicken, scaredy cat.. whatever! =P*

I’m afraid of clowns. In fact, when & if i do see a clown, i’ll walk very very far away and very fast. Who says clowns are cute & funny?? They are not. Period. Clowns are like puppets or freak dolls that have that sickly smile on their face all the time and why must they paint their face white? Aren’t there any other colours that they can paint their faces with? I’ve never liked clowns, even when i was a kid. When my dad asked me to “go get the balloons from Mr. Clown”, i refused. No matter what, i wouldn’t go get it. I would rather NOT have the balloon. I remember at times i would even wail out loud if my dad carrying me would walk slightly near to a clown. Having said that, i’m also afraid of puppets(the ventriloquist type) and dolls, especially the ones that can open and shut their eyes. Really, really creepy…!!

I’m afraid of ghost. Yes, i do believe in them..even at this age of the century. This is something that i have come across with, once or more in my life. I can’t brush off the believe that ghosts do exists in our world. Where else would all the dead souls go to? They can’t possibly all go to Heaven, no way! I believe there will be some that are stuck in our world..Hence, i don’t dare to watch horror movies either. This is because, all the scary thoughts will somehow creep into my mind when i’m lying in bed, unable to sleep. Urgh..no horror movies for me, Thank You.

I’m afraid of losing my parents. This is the worst of the worst. I’ve thought about it, what if.. because i know one day it will come. But the thought of it made me burst into tears, so i really don’t know how to cope with it when the day do come..Would i be selfish to say that i rather ‘leave’ 1st before my parents? =(

Of course, there are other small little stuffs that i’m afraid of…lizards, cockroaches, spiders, the sound of thunder, etc etc….Didn’t i say that i’m a scaredy cat? LoLzz…;o)

Now, what are YOU afraid of?



7 Responses to “FeaR…~~”

  1. zewt Says:

    ghost… ok… losing parents, i guess everyone is in the same boat… but clowns??????

    imagine… you’re alone at night in your room, you open your closet and a clown’s head is right there… woooooooo!!

  2. bensiu Says:

    well i guess everyone’s afraid or rather terrified if they lose someone in their life… i lost my anjing and i was pretty damn sad about it… and to see my grandpa being all sad about it…even more terrible(referring to the poddle..BOBO) OK…bad example…the thought of someone passing off to a new world…sometimes i can imagine myself crying…very scarry laa…

  3. gRaCe Says:

    You are so lucky i get online in the office..if i were at home and caught this comment from you..i’m so gonna kill you. LOLzz…So bad la you, dah la i say scared of clowns then u havta scare me summore. =P

    yep, i agree with you..but whether i can survive that ordeal..that i’m not sure. I lost my dog too.. and i totally understand how u were feeling. i bawled my eyes out when i look back at the pictures of Lucky. Sighh…

  4. zewt Says:

    i wanted to send u a video… but decided not to…

    all my friends are cursing me for sending it to them…. it’s about how this camera was taking this lil girl combing her hair and then…. something showed up in the mirror… i got goose bump after viewing it.

  5. gRaCe Says:

    You sure u din send me that video ah? i received a “have a look” email from you. ermm, whatever that is..i’m not opening it. Hahah..

    p/s: i shud probly forward it to my colleagues..they have stronger hearts. Hehe…

  6. Chet Says:

    You scared of clowns? Then you better not read Stephen King’s IT, or watch the movie adaptation. But the movie is very good.

  7. gRaCe Says:

    i think that’s the reason why i’m afraid of clowns. I watched the movie IT when i was very young.. haha..

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