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Awww….shucks!~~ 10 April, 2007

Filed under: Uncategorized — Grace @ 4:39 pm

So, what happens when you find out that a dear friend of yours had once(or more) cancel off his/her appointments & dates just to go out with you, without you knowing that they cancelled off everything… I think that would be one of the sweetest and nicest thing anyone can do. ^_^

I found out today that a friend did that for me…

Awww…..Thanks, that’s awfully sweet of you, my dear… ;o)

P/S: This particular friend most likely wouldn’t know it’s him i’m mentioning here.. =P



7 Responses to “Awww….shucks!~~”

  1. zewt Says:

    ahhhh… maybe he wants to be more than friend? hint hint… heh!

  2. gRaCe Says:

    hahah…ermm…i would’t know now, would i? ;o)

  3. bensiu Says:

    yah…some kind of tactic to get you to be in bed lar that is…hahaha… just kidding..well, he’s definetely worth considering…and he definetely got some agenda…yum yum…

  4. gRaCe Says:

    yayy…! my cousin has appeared again! hahaha…miss ur straighforward comments la..my blog has been lonely these days. hahaha..=P

    worth considering?? org pun talak cakap suka saya.. please la.. maybe that’s just who he is. plain nice..

    i wished he’ll tell me tho… lolzz.. i dun havta crack my brain tht way..=P

  5. bensiu Says:

    yeza str8forward issit? Am I embarrassing you in front of the highly intellectual bunch? yala..comparing to them, i memangpun jinjang case… you know, i am writing down interesting topics to talk in me blog… u know la..those jinjang kind..funny and slapstick…

  6. bensiu Says:

    ohh…by the way, your photo very hauuu….hahaha.. kudos Ms. Gracie!

  7. gRaCe Says:

    nope..ur definitely NOT embarassing me in front of anybody. i’m in fact darn proud to have u as my cousin. =D

    where got jinjang case one.. please la! =P good good…its high time u update tht blog of urs..

    photo hau izzit? okay la… time to change photo…=/

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