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BrEakFaSt CLuB on SatuRdAy…~~ 26 March, 2007

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Last Saturday was an eventful day for me. Apart from attending the Breakfast Club at MPH, Bangsar Village 2 in morning(KL)…i also had my cousin’s 21st birthday party to attend later in the evening(Seremban). *will write the two events separately*

i arrived late(again…) at MPH and quickly grab whatever seat that was available. Lydia was already in the middle of a discussion. After she has finished, she had a Q & A session to those who were there…

This man(no names mentioned) spoke out, started talking about the issue about freedom of speech among bloggers. He was saying how he thinks it’s not right that bloggers should get sued for something they wrote because to him, a blog is some sort like a journal, a diary..no one was invited to read the blogs…blah blah blah…he also asked a whole lotta questions about publishing a book, how much should he sacrifice his time, life and work on writing a book, can a person get rich from writing, blah blah blah blah….i tell you, he was yakking away, not really listening to anyone..but i think the most pengsan case would be….after yakking about freedom of speech la, saying it’s not right and all.. he told us, “i don’t blog. i don’t have the time to do it..“. He DON’T blog?!?!?!? i mean….what the heck man! You talk so much and yet you don’t blog!??! i felt like smacking him on the head there and then.

dah la don’t blog…talk so much summore..even worse, he kept asking questions about publishing a book..and yet, he gives so many excuses to NOT be able to publish one. no no…let me rephrase that, he gives so many excuses to not be able to WRITE. *eyes rolling*

he even said to me, “so, are you a journalist?”, “where is your blog heading to?” “i got no time to write la..” adui…really speechless…thank God Kenny was leaving already..so i wouldn’t be stuck talking to him for long…hehe…Whew!~

Apart from that man, it was really lovely to meet Xeus, Lydia and Eric again. Also, Sharon Bakar, Kak Teh, Chet and Esther for the 1st time. Esther being a student at Taylor’s who came because she had an assignment on blogging…a very lovely girl i tell you..;o) It was also Kak Teh’s birthday…Lydia bought a chocolate cake which was delicious! Yum Yum…heheh..=D Although i missed Kenny’s introduction for Lydia and a little bit of the front part..he made it up by telling it to me afterwards at lunch and i must say, he look really good that day. Everyone agree with me, say “aye!“. heheh…;o)

i also learnt a lot from the discussions that day, how we should write, why we shouldn’t let anything stop us from writing, the fact that only about 300 writers in the world actually get rich from writing and the best of all…quoted by Xeus..that we should all write from the heart..that phrase alone is still stuck in my mind until now..=D

Oh, oh….almost forgot. The food that was prepared that day was really nice..and we had a variety of food too. currypuffs, chicken curry, fried popiah, kuihs and dunno wht else..hahah.. Thanks Eric for the wonderful savories! ;o)

P/S: for more details, hop on over to Xeus‘s blog..she has pretty much sum up everything that was discussed that day..=)



20 Responses to “BrEakFaSt CLuB on SatuRdAy…~~”

  1. zewt Says:

    no time is always an excuse, if i can find time in the midst of my struggle, everyone can blog

    he is truly a NATO… no action talk only.

  2. John Ling Says:

    Some people just don’t get it.

    For instance, if you are a surgeon, you wouldn’t dream of operating on a patient unless you have trained extensively for it.

    It’s the same with writing. It’s something very serious and very difficult to do; devotion is a must.

  3. John Ling Says:

    Oh, by the way, the statistics concerning successful writers are bleak, but not that bleak.

    At a minimum, there are 2500 fiction writers doing it full-time in the United States. But still… 2500 writers in a country of 300 million… that’s something to think about.

  4. Chet Says:

    Hey, Grace – nice meeting you last Saturday!

    Look forward to sharing more of such events together.

  5. bibliobibuli Says:

    hi grace. this guiy drives me mad!!!! and he turns up to all the MPH occasions and behaves in exactly the same way. i pulled out of chairing a meeting some time ago because he was making me so uptight and depressed.

  6. gRaCe Says:

    i totally agree with you. He’s a NATO alright..i tell you, he was one annoying specimen.

    Hie!! great to see you here.. thanks for dropping by..=D i understand what ur trying to say.. but being a surgeon and a writer to me, are very different. a surgeon like you said, involves extensive training and education bcuz its a human’s life we’re talking about. but for writing.. if u don’t at least start to write something..then you never will.

    i believe if he wants to really pursue writing..he should at least start something rather than just empty talks. if Xeus can do it…there is no reason why anyone else can’t. i think he has the devotion to write..just no actions taken.

    wow..!thanks for the info, John.. that is really something for us to ponder about..;o)

    Hiee…!! it was really lovely meeting you also. i’ll try to make it this sat to Seksan’s… *crossing my fingers* heheh…;o)

    hahahah…last Sat was the 1st time i ever saw him and he was already getting on my nerves. i can understand how you and the rest feel about him. maybe we should be more *cough* mean *cough* to him the next time.. heheh…*wink*

  7. bensiu Says:

    Hey Zewt, my sincerest condolences to you for your loss…Though i dont know you, but I read your blogs. I am Gracie’s couz. Hope you are alright. All the best to you, man! My couz is memang a 38 por… dahlah that person mengada, nak layan lagi..podahh chik..

  8. Kenny Mah Says:

    No words. Just continuous and really loud laughter. In the middle of my gym. A lot of people are looking at me. It’s okay. They know I’m reading a blog.


  9. gRaCe Says:

    Mr. Bensiu..
    wht 38 poh, wht mengada?!?! it’s called manners, politeness..=P takkan i wanna be sarcastic right there and then..the rest who’ve met him before also sabar only… hahaha…

    hahhaha…luckily they know ur reading a blog if not they’ll be thinking why Kenny suddenly laugh out loud himself..glad it made you laugh..but then again, u laughing at what i wrote, or what my cousin said. hahah…;o)

    p/s: me also laughing when i saw both my couz and Kenny’s comments..

  10. Kenny Mah Says:

    At your blog, not the comments. The blog alone can mati, much less the comments… 😉

  11. gRaCe Says:

    hahhah..TQTQ..i don’t normally write stuffs that can mati one.. hehe..;o)

  12. Esther Says:

    yello! it was great getting to know you. At least, for a while back then when I felt lost especially dealing with the recorder, you were there to come to a decision of whether to take the risk or not. 😉

    and by the way, i had the same reaction as you when he said that he doesn’t blog. -__-!!! lol..

  13. Kenny Mah Says:

    That’s the sign of a quality blog — when read sampai can mati one… Hahahaha…

  14. gRaCe Says:

    hahah..i wasnt very sure also but main hantam saje..the logical side of me came out. heheh..luckily it worked out fine..=) yeah..really can pengsan…in chinese realy jhar dou..

    TQTQ…mst belanja u makan ady.. next dinner on me ya! ;o)

  15. Kenny Mah Says:

    Next dinner? Hmm, I guess you mean after tomorrow’s Poetry Slam, then…

  16. gRaCe Says:

    my dear kenny…can, no problem. it’s a date then..;o)

  17. Chet Says:

    And I had the misfortune of sitting next to him! The next time, I’m going to wait till I see where he’s sitting before I take a seat!

  18. gRaCe Says:

    hahaha…poor thing..yeah, that’s probably a good idea. wait till he’s seated 1st..;o)

  19. Lydia Teh Says:

    Hi Grace, long-suffering is a good virtue 🙂

  20. gRaCe Says:

    i’m sorry Lydia..long-suffering? from what? today’s been a blurry day.. haha…

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