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Let’s Pray…. 21 March, 2007

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I’ve just found out that Zewt’s mom is in critical condition. What was initially thought to be a stroke turns out to be more serious. Doctors said that one of the blood vessels in her brain has burst and there is bleeding in her brain now. The blood clot is pressing against the right brain causing her to be half paralysed. Doctors said she can hardly survive. =(

I can’t say that I know what it’s like to be in his shoes, cause I really don’t. but I can honestly say I can imagine myself in his shoes..losing a parent is anyone’s worst nightmare come true. It IS the one thing that I fear the most in my life. I don’t even dare to think what will happen to me if my parents were to leave me. I don’t think I can go on living…gosh, thinking of that is making me tear up…right now.

As Zewt mentioned in his latest entry, he apologized a lot to his mom. All the things that he’s sorry for…I am sorry for. I am also guilty of all that. You know, I haven’t been speaking to my mom the whole of yesterday. Not because we were mad at each other but because by the time I reached home, she was already asleep. The same goes for today. I think by the time I reach home, she’ll already be asleep. *Note: company dinner 2 days in a row..* I suddenly miss my mom…

To dear Zewt, be strong…ur a tough person. God is always kind and compassionate. If you do need anything, be rest assured that you have a closely knit community here in the blogsphere that you can always come to. My prayer goes out to your mom..

To anyone who’s reading this, let us all pray for Zewt’s mom.



2 Responses to “Let’s Pray….”

  1. zewt Says:

    thank you grace. your support is very much appreciated. i truly need prayers… to stay sane. i think i am on the verge of losing it. everything is too fast for me to take in.

    please pray for strength and sane of mind.

  2. gRaCe Says:

    dear Zewt,

    i know its damn hard…take ur time to slowly heal..i will pray for you..

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