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SpLenDiD SaTuRdAy!!~ 6 March, 2007

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What a day Saturday was! I haven’t been rushing like how I rushed that day in quite a while. For one, I woke up late.. well, not really late but I thought I had enough time to go to PJ then to KL in time for Lydia’s booktalk. Boy, was I wrong! It’s bad enough that I was like 35 mins late for the booktalk, the minute I sat down on the chair, the interview that Kenny was giving Lydia ended. Argghhh!! I felt like knocking my head on the wall. As consolation, Kenny said…well, at least u made it just in time for the photo session. Thanks, Kenny but I still missed the interview! Sighh…=(

This time around, there were more bloggers/writers compared to the previous one at MPH. It was very refreshing and interesting to meet Xeus, author for the book Darkcity, and DarkCity 2 (which will be out very soon) and Tunku Halim, author of The Rape of Martha Teoh, among other books, also who’s latest ‘greatest hits’ book 44 Cemetery Road will be out in April. Not forgetting of course, Lydia herself, Eric and also Kenny. Oh, oh…also Zewt that purposely postponed his movie to a later time to come over and get his book signed by Lydia. Ahh..it’s always great to finally meet the ‘face’ behind all the blogging. Heheh… After the interview, photo session and a few autograph signings.. bloggers being bloggers we all sat in an almost circle and started chit-chatting. For more infos on the book talk on saturday, head on over to Lydia’s Book Talk, Borders Berjaya Times Square.

As for me, although I missed the interview…it was a trip well taken because gatherings like these are always eye opening to me. I never cease to learn something new every time! Meeting authors who’ve already had books published are like meeting celebrities.. only in a different genre. These are the people whom I will say are the ‘behind the scenes’ celebrities.. people who worked their ass off to write a good book, then worked their ass off to get it published and hoping that their books will really sell. Some, like Xeus, won’t even want her identity to be shown to the masses! So there, these are the people worth looking up upon, don’t you think? =)



16 Responses to “SpLenDiD SaTuRdAy!!~”

  1. Lydia Teh Says:

    Hi Grace, thanks for showing up. Better late than never. Anyway you didn’t miss much as you were at the last book talk. What wasn’t covered, I mentioned in my write-up at the media gallery.

  2. Xeus Says:

    It was great to meet you in person finally, Spiffy! See you at the Lit Bloggers Club!

  3. zewt Says:

    it was nice to see many ppl in real person too 🙂

  4. gRaCe Says:

    it was my pleasure..i had fun that day, so nothing’s wasted. ;o)

    Heyy..thanks for dropping by. hahah..wonderful meeting u too! yep, see you there..=D

    at least now when we visit each other’s blog..we can imagine wht each of us look like, huh? hehe..

  5. Kenny Mah Says:

    Wait, wait, I cari masa and I’ll post my version of the events that day. Plus the INTERVIEW!!! So you can relive the experience to your heart’s content… 🙂

  6. gRaCe Says:

    hahah..i AM waiting for ur post, Kenny. yeah..you better be, if not i’ll bug u non-stop to write one. heheh…=P

  7. Dina Zaman Says:

    thanks for dropping by my blog grace 🙂

  8. arguslou Says:

    Hiya, Grace. Oh, you’re also Spiffy, eh? How confusing, but fun.

    Thanks for dropping by my canine-haunted, abandoned site.

    Hope you get a lucrative and enjoyable job soon. In meantime, enjoy writing, sweets.

  9. tunku halim Says:

    Great to meet you too Grace!

  10. gRaCe Says:

    know what? u people just made my day…here i am, coming to my page and suddenly i see so many comments. (3 xtras r ALOT to me. hahah…^_^)

    it’s my pleasure! ur blog’s a bomb which i’m sure u are too..;o)

    yep, grace, spiffy and me. we’re all one. hahah..ur site’s not abandoned(i hope!)..i absolutely love dogs, altho having sinus means i cant really get TOO near to them..=/

    meeting u was a blast..=D *waiting anxiously for ur new book*

  11. gRaCe Says:

    ohh..another thing, i am currently working, argus..in PJ. malas to change my profile actually. heheh… will do so soon..=P

  12. argusLou Says:

    Spif, I WANT to leave my blogsite abandoned as I don’t want to spend time keeping it up. So I’m happy to let it lie fallow, haunted by both dead and living canines.

    I went sledding with huskies recently and fell in love with those beautiful, personable and strong creatures.

    Hey, you can get a Chinese-crested dog, or one of those scary hairless ones, I forget the breed name…

  13. Kenny Mah Says:

    Happy International Women’s Day!!!

  14. gRaCe Says:

    awww… i wouldn’t be able to read more bout canines from u then. =/ i noee…huskies are so beautiful. no la..dogs r meant to have hairs. haahah…hairless dogs are, like u said..scary. heheh..

    Thanks a lot! =D

  15. zewt Says:

    just remember i am not a girl… haha!

  16. gRaCe Says:

    Zewt, not to worry…i will always remember u as a macho guy. more so after seeing u in person. hahah… ;o)

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