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hMm…… 22 February, 2007

Filed under: Uncategorized — Grace @ 11:02 am

am back to work for one day…nothin much to do in the office actually…guess most of my customers are still on leave..;o)

had a pretty interesting chat with my cousin the other bout writing blogs…he said he got caught up in blogging because everyone else seem to be doing it and everytime he writes, he always make sure his posts contain sum humour in it. i guess he’s the typical writer where he’ll worry if anyone’s reading his blog, do they like wht he’s writing, does his blog suck, etc….he was surprised to know that i’ve been blogging since what…2004..*he still doesnt know my blog URL..not sure if i’m ready to give it to him…yet*.

as for me…i blog cuz i like to write..and as much as i welcome comments on my blog and of cuz if there r people reading it..i’ll be jumping for joy..(lolzz..)..i don’t really mind if no one reads my blog either. some post of mine are quite personal and if i were to have hoards of readers..hmm, i’ll probly change my way of writing and the stuffs i write about..which wudn be the same anymore, wud it? =)



8 Responses to “hMm……”

  1. Kenny Mah Says:

    Heh heh, your cousin does sound a tad like me then. I guess if we want to blog publicly, that must mean we want people to read it, and personally, I only enjoy reading things that are:

    a) funny
    b) informative (about stuff I’m interested in)
    c) emotionally raw and honest
    d) all of the above

    I think (d) would be a challenge, but what’s life without a challenge. So you’re at work today?

  2. gRaCe Says:

    i guess ur right..its always a thrill to know that someone’s reading what we wrote. heheh..

    i like reading things that are funny too..(tht’s why am always at Lydia’s page..hehe..). yep, (d) wud definitely be a challenge.. tht’s why we go to so many different blogs. ;o)

    yep..at work…but i finished all my work for the day..so bored now. zzZzzZ…..

  3. Kenny Mah Says:

    Well, I suppose that’s better than still having work to complete, yeah? Hey wanna go out for yum cha after you finish later?

  4. gRaCe Says:

    hmm…u HAD to ask me in my blog huh?why cant u just sms me? hahha.. sure.. why not? but i’m not dressed for yum char la.. oh, its purple again. lolzz..

  5. Kenny Mah Says:

    Hahaha… you win. One SMS coming right up! 😀

  6. gRaCe Says:


  7. zewt Says:

    i am lost i am lost… so kenny is your cousin?

  8. gRaCe Says:

    Zewt, coincidentally i do have a cousin by the name of Kenny(Cheok), who also coincidentally is of the same age..BUT…its not this Kenny(Mah). hahah…

    Kenny, what a coincidence huh? heheh…;o)

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