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ValenTiNe’s DaY…~~ 15 February, 2007

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who wud’ve thot that this year on Valentine’s Day moi actually had a dinner date. hahaha…think the best part of it was that the dinner wasnt planned beforehand at all. i wasnt really expecting to have a date on V Day…well, being SNA..wht cud i possibly have expected? hahah…;o)

but i guess luck was on my side…so off we went for dinner, Kenny and me. had drinks at Sri Paandi then it was off to SS2 for food. it feels good to actually go out on V Day with a guy(and a not bad looking one too..heheh), while knowing that ur not attached in anyway with him. so in a way, i get to tell the world that “Hey, i’ve got myself a date too! i’m not so sedihh afterall…”. lolzz….=D k la k la…i hardly get any dates(so sedih..)…so just bare with me while i brag bout my date.. heheh…

*can i sidetrack here for a bit?*

yet again my heart’s aching…and ther’s really nothin i can do but to let it heal itself…i only seek one help from everyone who’s reading this..especially my gurl frens..the next time i, tend to follow my heart to do stuffs..PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE….stop me. slap me and tell me to wake up..like i’ve said before, it’s never ever, EVER nice to have an aching heart…altho its not my 1st.. but each time, it only hurts more and i think this time..its 10 times more compared to i duno….YK or even CY.

i think i must’ve hurt a lot of hearts in my previous life…tht’s why all these are karma…they’re getting back at me. this year has been bad from the start…sighh…=( also, one last note… martians will always be martians(no matter how different they may be)…PERIOD. *dun even dare try to argue with me on this, all u martians out there*

one thing i dun understand tho…why cant martians for once understand us venusians. instead of us trying to understand them? why the double standards? sighh….

if ur reading this..none of this is ur fault…like u said, balance is important..sumthin which i’m definitely lacking of right now..whatever happens, happens..thanks for all that u’ve done. i’ll catch ya around, ace…


sumthin got me thinking…why am i feeling so sad and hurt by it all? we were nvr together.. heck we dun even noe each other for tht long a time…all this so-called ‘feelings of the heart’ do suck at times dun you think??

*i’m done sidetracking…*

while we may ‘look’ like a couple going out on a V Day date…we certainly wasnt. i dun think couples would go to where we went for dinner…ther wasnt any V Day atmosphere in the restaurant at all..i guess they were pretty much excited bout CNY…cuz the whole time we were there…all the ‘gong xi gong xi‘ music was blasting away on the stereo. *head shaking*

i can safely say that the dinner was a really interesting one..i’ve gained so much knowledge yesterday that i could possibly gain in a long time. hehe…i wudn described in detail what were our topics of conversation yesterday…i think Kenny will fill in tht part in his blog(i hope..) cuz i think if i were to describe it, y’all will probably fall asleep half way thru. hahahah….

i’m sure u guys must be wondering..both r not together, knowing it’s V Day.. why choose yest to go ‘hang out’? i dunno really…but i think that we shudn let days/celebrations like this to stop 2 friends from going out right? and as i’ve mentioned earlier in Kenny’s comment page, one din really wanna hang out with a bunch of other singles and one din wanna go home feeling single and lonely..so, hence we agreed to go for dinner. hahahah…

i enjoyed the dinner, truly i do… i enjoyed our conversation, it was fun and being the gentleman that he was yesterday, one will probly wonder why he’s still unattached(yes, Kenny’s unattached. any takers? heheh..).Thanks for the being my date for the night..haha..we should do this again one of these days…;o)



2 Responses to “ValenTiNe’s DaY…~~”

  1. Kenny Mah Says:

    Ah, was hovering over this post for ages wondering what to say. Hmm.

    I think it was sweet of you to say all the things you did of me, and for your blatant advertising of my singlehood and availability. Aiyo, between you and Lydia, I feel like a piece of daging lah.

    I would say that, no matter how we feel about the commercialism of V-Day, it is indeed a crap day to be alone. Glad we both had good company then (each other, haha).

    As for your feelings of sadness, they do pass. Use it to write, to put down their feelings. I guess I am in a happy mood these days. Not very conducive for writing, let me assure you. Most of my writing were written in a different mindset, and while I wish I wasn’t unhappy those times, at least I got something out of it, ya?

  2. gRaCe Says:

    ur very much welcome Kenny.. ;o)

    hahahaha….heyy..we cant bear to see someone like u be single for long. ur a good catch…dun la feel like a piece of daging. heheh..

    am reading Broken Mornings now..sum stories are really close to my heart..i can feel them. especially now..yeah, well.. sometimes we do write better when we’re in a state of sadness..tht’s where ur deepest self comes out. tht’s me i guess..=)

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