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hEaRt…..MiNd…?!?~~ 5 February, 2007

Filed under: Uncategorized — Grace @ 4:00 pm

being sumone who always think with my heart rather than my mind when it comes to relationships, i tend to get hurt more, compared to someone who thinks with their mind.. sumtimes i dunno if i have the upperhand or i’m jst plain stupid to follow my heart all the time. it’s not bout following my instincts…i follow the heart..i dunno..but i think that the two is not the same..

sum people might even think that i’m desperate to get myself a guy..as tho i cant live without one..which is not true at all. i’ve been single for as long as i can remember..*sorie, but i think the last year one dun really count..* and being normal(Yes, i AM normal..no matter wht u say. blekkk!~), i do need sum TLC in my life..everyone needs tht…even the most macho guys around. *Ahem!~*

i probly shud be more ‘love smart’ by now..but hmm…i dun think i am, still. lolzz..the heart will always win over the mind. *stupid stupid* i’m just wondering if i shud follow my heart the next time sumone comes along..or should i wait and go with the flow…i dun want to be hurt again or to think that guys that i do hav sumthin goin on for usually dun think i’m their dream gurl. lolzz…i think its best i be in the middle…follow my heart and see how things happen in time to come..;o) so in a way, i’m saying..i’m jst gonna shut my mouth and not say anything.. sheesshh!~ so not like me…hahahah… k la…ikut saja kata hati…=P



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