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wOrKiNg….nEw pLaCe~~ 1 December, 2006

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i started work this week..and so far am still trying to digest everything that is taught to me. people here has been nice to me..which i’m thankful for. whew!!~~ hahaha…i haven gotten a place to stay yet so am currently travelling daily from seremban..which is still not too tiring for me.. cuz i finish work at bout 5pm but almost everyone at the office has been amazed that i actually travel daily..summore wake up 530am in the morning to catch the train…hahah.. which i’m kinda used to doing la..jst tht b4 this, it wasnt daily. =D

there’s not much i can comment on the workload yet cuz i haven really start doing wht i’m supposed to do yet..they’re giving me time to understand the business, how things work, etc etc.. b4 letting me handle customers. which i’m also very thankful for..hhahha…cuz i’m so new in this line. basically, i noe nothin bout this line…so it’s kind of a honor tht they’re still willing to hire me. ;o)



3 Responses to “wOrKiNg….nEw pLaCe~~”

  1. caryn Says:

    i do read ur blog. just don’t comment coz dunno what to say. haha. anyway, glad to hear ur new job’s been working well so far. it’s always nice to have friendly colleagues.

  2. Dr ve Thru Says:

    Hope you find a place to stay in KL soon. Heavy travelling can take the toll on you though I don’t know how long your journey takes to and fro. All the best! 🙂

  3. gRaCe Says:

    hahah…thnx for reading babe! i und..i also read urs but dunno wht to comment. heheh…;o)

    dr ve thru, yeah..i noe..so far its still bearable. not too tiring… yet. ;o) its bout 1.5 hours one way…cuz i take the train. thanks! =D

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