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nEw ChaPtEr….~~ 23 November, 2006

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i’m currently taking a few days break before i start a new chapter in my life. am starting a new job in pj come tuesday..friends have been asking me whether i’m excited in working in pj.. where they think i shud belong to. hahah…honestly speaking, i dun feel any excitement…for me, its just another job..but am actually quite nervous bout it.. reason being, KL’s a totally different place compared to quiet, slow paced seremban. different lifestyle, different environment, etc.. am i happy changing jobs? well….i’m happy to get away from my previous company where on my last day of work, my colleague was telling me..”i think this is the only company where going home at 8pm is considered early”. so i am happy to get away from a working environment like tht but am missing my colleagues big time tho…they’re really really nice and helpful people…;o)

i have lotsa things to consider also..bout lodging, expenses, transportation…where when i was working in sban…i din really have to worry bout stuffs like tht. i guess if u were to take it frm a positive POV..this is truly the time for me to grow up…to spread my wings..to LEARN to be independent*when i say independent…i really meant INDEPENDENT..hahah.* especially when i do come up to stay in kl..lolzz…;o)

so we shall see how things goes…till then..to whoever who might be reading this… wish me luck in my new job! =D



2 Responses to “nEw ChaPtEr….~~”

  1. Dr ve Thru Says:

    Hi Grace, dropped by your blog and been through some of your archives.
    Enjoy reading them. I wish you all the best in the rat race of KL compared to Seremban’s easy slow pace. I am sure you will be fine and learn to love KL for the night life and great shopping. I hope you enjoy your new job too. Will definitely return to catch up on the next chapter of your life. God bless.

  2. gRaCe Says:

    Hie dr ve thru,

    Thanks a lot for dropping me a msg. Really appreciated it…i dun get much comments on my pages..;o)

    hmm…i’m not so much into the night life in KL.shopping…well, not so either. heheh…=)

    i hope i’ll enjoy my new job too.. altho it really doesnt sound tht interesting nor exciting nor happening. hahah…

    God bless…

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