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hmmm…. 10 November, 2006

Filed under: Uncategorized — Grace @ 10:10 pm

was going thru my friendster list…and came upon my hot cousin’s page. was browsing thru her pictures..and then it occured to me that its hard for me to be at par with her or my other cousins. feels like we’re from a totally different side of the world. i think if we were to hang out together..ppl wun even believe that we’re cousins. hahah….

my cousins have always been the very cool, in, hip and happening bunch..seeing from their choice of clothes, the places they go to, etc…and then when it comes to me….i guess sometimes, just sometimes…i feel like a thorn in a bunch of roses. sometimes i feel lost hanging out with them and i wonder why…these are the people tht i grew up with, the same people that used to come to my house to hang out. whatever happen to that??

i guess as we grow up…as time pass…people change, personality change…or shud i jst say, we’re not of the same level anymore.

how can we be of the same level when they do their shopping(weekly,monthly,daily?!) at prada, LV, CK, DKNY, adidas, salvatore ferragamo and whtever high end brands u can think of… when i do my ermm..yearly shopping at F.O.S. hahhahahahaa…..

okie..maybe i’m exaggerating quite a bit…but that doesnt mean that they don’t shop at places like tht..the fact is…they DO. =P

i noe that i shudn let things like this bother me…in fact they shudn even come into mind in the first place. my cousins are truly a great bunch of ppl…and when we do hang out(once in a blue moon) together, we always, always have fun…;o)

it’s just that once in a while………..u noe the story..



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