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arrgghh!!!~~ 18 October, 2006

Filed under: Uncategorized — Grace @ 8:47 am

yesterday while waiting for the train at Central, someone really pissed me off…baddd.. ther i was standing at the platform, reading robert kiyosaki, patiently waiting for the train and there was this guy who was standing like 3,4 feet away from me, so i cudn be bothered. before long, he was what…5 inches away from me!! i was like….WTH?!??! the platform is so freaking big and he has to slowly back himself to stand so freaking near to me?!?!? and he thinks tht just bcuz i was reading…i din noticed what he did. that !#$%^& bugger!

when i realized he was too near to me(why shud i move!? i stood there 1st!), i made an irritating noise..loud enuff for him to hear it. if he doesnt hear it..tht means he’s deaf, so freaking near!! the fact tht he was much taller than me, n am not too sure if he was drunk or sumthin…din stop me from glaring at him. the only thing that stopped me from wanting to push him off the platform and to the tracks is that there were quite a number of people at the platform yesterday. i told myself if he were to inch his stupid self closer to me, i’ll definitely start a fight. just bcuz i was in a cheongsam, doesnt make me any weaker. that stupid annoying idiotic jerk! arrggghhhh!! pisses me off so bad! why cant ppl like tht just rot and die!?!??



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