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hAzY DayS…~ 9 October, 2006

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i’m sleepy…=P

the haze is getting worse! i think it’s even worse here in sbn compared to kl..think i’m gonna lock myself indoors as long as the haze is still around..was up in kl yesterday…met up with a couple of friends..then went for dinner. i think we were sitting outside for about 3 hours..(correct?), by the time we left..my eyes was painful, my head was aching…by the time i got to Central..it was hard to breathe..as tho there’s no air at the platform. every year we get the same thing…when’s it gonna stop!?!? there is no way that we can stay indoors 24 hours a day..and not EVERYONE can jst get an air ticket and fly off to some destination faaarrrawaayyy frm our beloved country. =p

..on a happy note..

dinner was terrific! really had fun listening to the colourful storied tht kelvin shared with us. especially all the sasi stories…hahaha…i think now everytime i see him anywhere, i’ll be thinking of the stuffs kelvin told. ;o) but the highlight of the night for me was seeing adam la.. hahahaha… sorie guys…sorie adam(d other one)…no, i’m not a big fan of his…its just tht i’ve been watching him on tv for so long..it’ll be great to see if he looks the same in person or it’s mainly the makeup. =P dun worry…u guys r still my favourite..;o)

alright…i feel a headache coming on ady…i’ll stop here now…have a great week ahead friends! =D



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