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2nd Reloaded!! 29 September, 2006

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u noe wht….our 2nd Reloaded is tmr…and i’m having terrible butterflies in my stomach! i don’t knoe why i’m having butterflies fluttering like mad inside. i wasn’t this nervous and excited during the 1st one…i think its bcuz i knoe what we can do…the energy and power that we can create on that day..

tim’s email popped up in mind…and as i re-read it again..am having goosebumps all over…i’m sure each one of us who were there had the same feeling. my feelings on that day is truly beyond words…i guess u have to be there to truly understand what we went tru and what we felt on that day. i am very sure…the same feeling will rise again tomorrow..and i noe it’ll be much much better than August 6th! if possible, i shall post tim’s email here…and hope tht he wun kill me. hahaha…;o)

shall update when i get back on monday. have a great weekend friends!!

Believing in each one of you….



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