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raNdOmNesS…~ 22 September, 2006

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i’m having a not-so-good friday..

am not gonna complain bout work..cuz it’ll only spoil the pages of my blog(like my previous postings..which looks very bad..). am gonna talk bout let’s see…hmmm..

i’m always very random..so let’s be random and throw everything in today.. heheh..=p

met up with a girlfriend for mamak yest. we had a very good conversation but mostly it was about guys…guys who always seem to be jerks and idiots..hahahhaa…just kidding! well, mostly i shared my story and she shared her story..(am NOT gonna go into details..cuz everyone knoes my story..BORINGG!!), we talk bout going on holidays together..bout family…which sumtimes i find it hard to tell my friends.

which made me ponder…i’ve not known this gurl for ages, in fact we only starting hanging out and talking after high skool..but the bonding that we hav throughout the years have been amazing! she’s a great listener! thanks gal! ;o)


have been hooked up on reading kenny sia’s blog for the past erm…3 days i think. for those who don’t knoe..kenny sia is one of the most famous blogger in m’sia. u can go to his blog . some of the stuffs he write about are funny and made sense, some r jst plain ‘mou liu’…but anyway, it has help keep me awake in the office..so am not complaining. =p oh oh…he also wrote a very logic post about sms & msn msg circulating around bout the gurl who got kidnapped..read it here.


okie…i dun think i have much time left to sit and ponder bout wht i shud write about… cuz i’m like leaving in 25mins time…and i need to get everything settled before i leave. =p gonna go visit my ex-colleague and see her baby!! yaayy! hehe… i’m a sucker for kids, cartoons, elmo and dogs.

cheers peeps…! have a terrific friday! and to those i’m gonna see tmr….let’s rawk bowling!!! =D



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