Spiffy’s mementoes

A Keepsake of Memories

tEmPeRs~~ 20 September, 2006

Filed under: Uncategorized — Grace @ 5:19 pm

sumtimes i can be quite temperamental…like if anyone gets on my nerve at the wrong time and place…i’ll jst flare out for no reason. which sumtimes surprises my friends..cuz i think to them.. i’m someone who wun really get pissed off one..no matter wht..and if i were to compare myself now, with the person i was back in high skool…i’m more controlled over my emotions and tempers now..but once in a while that tigress of me will come out la..

that’s why i always think tht the unlucky soul that gets a lashing from me..just cuz he stepped on my tail at the wrong time and place…is really very unlucky. hahahhaha…..

but i think once in a while..it’s healthy to get our angers(got ‘s’..no ‘s’??) out..cuz like me..if i’m really really angry.. i’ll need to tell someone bout it..right there and then…and i’ll immediately feel much better. if not…it’ll be dwelling inside me..the anger growing every minute and by the time i burst out…goshh….WW3 wei…lolzz.. =D



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