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i’m back….for now..~~ 26 July, 2006

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it feels gud to be able to blog again..after finishing my training at philips semiconductors and was jobless for 2 mths…i haven been able to connect to the net. now i’m thankfully employed again… for the next 6 mths at GE Plastics. =D

nothing much had happen, the only thing i had on my mind was that i have to get myself a job like ASAP…cuz its really hard living the 2 mths without any money in hand. *yes, my mom feeds me and i have a nice and warm bed at night…=p*

now having a job is almost like a dream come true..i noe i noe…u mst be thinking tht this gal is nuts in thinking that a job is a dream come true. well, u’ll understand if ur in my situation…

putting that aside..*which i’m ever so grateful to Him*…

nothin much has been happening in my life. same old same old…regarding my previous entry. i’m not frustrated or dissapointed anymore..i’m taking it as challenges in life thrown at me from God.

i wun be putting in any updates bout him at the moment…when the time is right, i’ll post them. till then…everyone who’ve been following my blog will have to wait in the dark…=p

i’m waiting to go for lunch now…but i’m out of things to type. hmmm…let’s jst stop here for now.
Cheers people! ~



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