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a LiL sUmThIn’ bForE i zZzZzzZ…… 24 February, 2005

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i’m actually waiting for my hair to dry now…cant really sleep with my hair still wet. why is my hair still wet at 1am in the mornin, u ask? w-ell….i got back from work at bout 10pm..sat down to watch the rthk top 10 award till bout 1130pm..then watch like 10-15mins of ‘the restaurant’ before i finally cannot avoid the fact tht my body feels hot and sticky..i had to go take a bath. hahaha…so tht’s why my hair is still wet now.

tmr i’m having class at 1030am…so lazy to wake up eaaarrly in the morning to get my ass up to pj. then got another online tutorial at 6pm..but i’ll be attending frm the comfort of my room of cuz…hahah..=D

ermm..i like to say sumthin bout the rthk top 10 award..anyone of y’all manage to watch it or catch a glimpse of it? 1st, i totally forgot bout it…when in fact, i was waiting eagerly to watch it. i missed the 1st four songs tht was awarded..can someone tell me whose songs r they? i am VERY VERY sure that one of the four is edison’s ‘hongkong place’..cuz i missed seeing him get the award!!!!!! i feel like crying now…waaaaaaaaaa~~~~~~~ crystal, correct me if i’m wrong…he did go up the stage to receive an award for ‘hk place’ right? then he sang with hanjin on stage right?? cuz i noe he got nominated and won…he was really, really proud of tht award.. more than the award he got during the jsg award show..sighh…was so wanting to hear him sing ‘live’…but nvm, i still got a glimpse of him sitting next to edmond leung..and he looked oh so good..hehe…also got a glimpse of steven during the end of the show….gosh, is he good looking or what!?!?! hahaha….=D =D

jst received a very special msg from a v special friend on friendster..havent read it yet..hati ada sikit berdebar-debar..lolzz…hmm..let’s see wht he wrote..okay..i’m currently still reading other friend’s message..hahaah… we shall skip to another topic 1st..ther’s this guy/man..whatever la..who works at makro…who i seriously think looks like orlando bloom…with a bit of moustache. lolzz..but still quite good looking..=D remember tht guy who won the cleo most eligible bachelor..tht indian fella who they say resemble orlando? well, this is the malay version.. hahaha…so everyday go to work to ‘kap’ him…lolzz~~ no la…jkjk…i’m not tht pervert..=P

okay…when is my hair gonna dry up!! i shud be getting some sleep di…cuz i need to wake up at 6am later.. argghh….dun ask me to blow dry my hair..yc, u noe how ‘dry’ my hair already is…=/ not tht i’m sleepy..i jst need to sleep, if not i’ll be yawning and falling asleep in class..i did tht once..the lecturer was talking non-stop..and it was sooooo boring..i kept nodding off, then suddenly i drop my pen on the floor..tht really woke me up. my frens was trying not to laugh out loud..hahahah…luckily the lecturer din noticed. she was too bz talking and talking and talking….

okay…back to the msg..sighh*dreamily*..as usual, he always has nice things to say to me..i especially like the part where he said he still remembers me and of cuz to ask me to take care..gotta remind him of the VERY, VERY hot weather we have over here again..such a nice and thotful fella. think crystal knoes who i’m referring to..*wink* =D

okay…think i’m gonna go get sum zzzz’s now…g’night all! =D



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