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tis’ the season to be jolly….NOT! 27 December, 2004

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yes, yes i noe that christmas is over..and so is boxing day but i’m still in the mood for christmas. christmas songs r still singing away in my head…but what’s up with the title if i’m so happy and cheery over christmas, u say? that’s cuz xmas this year has been very, very quiet for me. i was working both on eve and on xmas day and altho almost the whole world seem to be out partying away on eve night..i was sittin at home playing ‘harvest moon’ on the playstation, way after midnight..hahaha..=) sound pretty sad, huh? well, it was alright..at least i got to relax and rest a lil, cuz i did havta go to work the next day…with no double pay!!! hmm…i shud really talk to my boss bout getting double pays on public holidays.

recently i’ve been getting very cranky and naggy(is ther such a word? lolzz~). the cause of it? my collegue. she always comes in late for work..sumtimes up to 1-2 hours late. u noe how frustrating it is when ur about to go home, and then u get a message from ur collegue saying that she’ll be coming late cuz sumthin came up? and it’s not once in a blue moon….it’s almost everyday!! EVERYDAY!!! she’s driving me nuts! take yesterday for example; she was supposed to come in at 4pm, but at 330pm she messaged me telling me tht she’ll be late cuz she’s at some stupid place, doing whtever she was doing. at first i din really mind, cuz i had intended to go back at 6pm(weekends, more customers, thot i give her a hand)..so in my mind, i was like..okay..she’ll probly come around 5 sumthin, max. THEN…..at around 5 SUMTHIN, she message me again. said she just got home..after she’s taken her bath she’ll be here. i was like..fine. furthermore, what cud i say?

i had told my dad to come pick me up at 6pm, and at 6pm sharp my dad was already there..to cut the story short, my stupid collegue came to work at 7pm. my dad had waited for one whole hour..i was hungry, pissed off and tired. the thing is, she don’t bloody need one and a half hour to bathe and come from her house! i cud’ve gone to kl and come back in one and a half hour!! i really felt like askin her whether she went to bathe in kl then walked all the way back from ther..but i just told her i see her the next day and went back.

this is not the 1st time that she’s given an excuse like that and i’m sure it wun be her last. all she noe is to give excuses and apologize for being late..all this gets stale very fast, especially when u hear them almost EVERYDAY!! if she doesn’t even noe how to plan her time and schedule, how can she be 31 years old and a mother of four and to know that she always gets warning from my boss. even i can think and plan better than her! i dun see myself getting any warnings from my boss. i’m surprised that my boss still havent fire her..if i’m the boss, i definitely wud hav fired her long time ago. so, u can see how i can get cranky and naggy..soon, i’ll sound like a naggy old woman! arggghhhhh!!!!!

p/s: by the way, i’m only 21 and my boss is only 26. if i’m her, i wud’ve been pretty embarassed bout myself..



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