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woo~~hoo~~ 9 December, 2004

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don’t think i’ll be able to sleep tonight..althought i’m dead tired right now. i’ve just got a message from him. a friend who haven’t been replying any of my messages for the last 2 months. i thought i did something wrong that had pissed him off or sumthin..so i sent him a message last month to ask him what was wrong, whether i really did anything wrong or he’s just too busy to reply. i told him i was sorry cuz i cudn help him out with the favor that he had asked me few months back. i also told him a few other things..but lastly, i just said that if he still takes me as a friend, just holla back.

every single day i check whether ther’s any messages from him and when i saw his name appeared just now in my inbox..i was so nervous that i didnt dared to read the message. was afraid that he’ll say sumthin bad like he never took me as a friend or scolded me for not understanding that he’s a very, very, busy guy. it took me a while to finally open the message, cuz i was thinking..if he took the time to reply, then things wudn turn out that bad afterall.

it really didn’t! =D he apologized for not replying my messages cuz he hasn’t have the time to do so..and he told me not to feel bad ’bout not being able to help him out. he also asked how i was doing lately and whether the weather is getting colder here(guess i havta remind him again that m’sia only has 2 weathers..rain and sun. lolzz~~). he also asked me to take care of myself and to not fall sick cuz of the cold weather(lolzz~). =D

i was touched by his caring personality..although we’re not that close but he still cares. that proves that he’s really a friend not worth losing. although i noe that we might never meet in person, cuz he’s in hk and me in m’sia(of cuz i’m hoping that he’ll be dropping by soon. heheh…), i definitely wudn wanna lose such a great friend like him. thanks lil’ kid…for being a friend! luv u loads too! =D


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