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fRiEnDsHiPs R a miRaCLe~~ 5 December, 2004

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i went to work late today. well, not entirely..my boss told me she’ll be coming down in the morning, so i assumed that she’ll be the one openin the shop today. but for the whole morning that i was at home…i had this very uneasy feeling that sumhow the boss will be late. nonetheless, i went to work only at 1pm..and true enuff, the shop’s still close!! i was like…”uh oh…” cuz we usually open at 1030am, even the latest wud be 11am..i quickly took everything out to display and just pray and hope that my boss wun kill me. haha…

my boss came ’bout 230-3pm…and i told her straight that i opened at 1pm(betta to tell da truth than to let her find out and screw me later..lolzz~). then i told her that i thot she was gonna opened cuz she told me that she’ll be here in the morning….well, i did not get any screwing up(thank God i have a great boss!!)…but i’m not really sure whether she’s really okay with it or not..=/ anyhow, today was very quiet considering it being a saturday, so thank God for that too! hahaha… =D

i also bump into a long time friend that i hadnt spoken to in like years!! not that i hadn’t met her tru out the years, it’s just tht we’ve nvr really spoken to each other…i nvr really knew why she stopped speaking to me. but well, i saw her today..or shud i say she saw me. hahah…well, we talked for like i dunno..15-25mins, cuz she was waiting fer her mum..it was really good to talk to her again. she didn’t change a bit at all..i mean in the way she talks and laughs…just like it was, way back in high skool. i sure miss those days…high skool days are the best!! i’m not sure when i’ll be able to meet her again…not sure when i’ll talk to her again..but at least i know that, no matter what…we are still friends. ^_^



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