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bOyFrIenDs… 4 December, 2004

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was chatting with my uni mate the other day and the topic of ‘boyfriend‘ came up. when i told him i don’t have one he didn’t believe me. so i repeated myself and confirmed to him that i was indeed single. he started laughing..(God noes why..) & asked me again..”u serious?!?

he is not the 1st person to not believe that i’m still single..i just don’t noe why ppl seem to find it surprising that i’m not in a relationship. the stuffs that i’m used to hearing are.. “ur such a nice and pretty gal, surely u have guys waiting in line for u..” or “stop kidding! a nice and pretty gal like u can’t be single. u must be very choosy..“. arrgghhh!! i wud really like to ask them back the same question myself. if i were really that good and all..why am i still SINGLE?!?

i finally came to a conclusion. i’m just not a girlfriend material.. bcuz i mingle easily with guys, they tend to treat me as one of them…=P sumtimes i tell myself, maybe i shudn get so friendly with them..then maybe it’ll change their views bout me. apart from that, i dun noe what other reasons r there..might be i’m not pretty enuff..girls nowadays r just so thin!! or shud i say skinny? hahahaha…anyone that doesn’t fit in that category gets kick out. any guys out ther that agrees with me?

don’t get me wrong..i’m not desperate for a boyfriend. it just makes me wonder sometimes..out of curiousity and all…=D oh, well, it doesn’t really matter..i’m used to being free now. lolzz~~ allow me to share an interesting fact for the day: The original name for the butterfly was ‘flutterby‘!. G’night all!~



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