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Birthdays~ 6 May, 2009

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In about 3 weeks time, i’ll be another year older. What does it mean to be another year older, i sometimes wonder. More responsiblities? More grown up? I honestly don’t feel a year older… Looking back to last year, i most likely had the best birthday ever in my life so far. As some of you may know, i was away for my birthday… yes, it was a quiet affair and yes, i only had a piece of cake with a lighter as my candle, but who needs a crowd and a big pretty cake when the most important person was there to celebrate your birthday with you.

Fast forward to this year…

How will my birthday be like? Will the most important person be there again this year? God only knows…  but i do know that this year will be extra quiet…

P/S:  Oh, oh.. did i mention that i’ve got a new ‘toy’ for my birthday?? Hehe… let’s save it for another post… ;o)


Tropicana Mall 8 April, 2009

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I use the road that passes through Tropicana Mall to go home everyday after work…not sure if anyone of you has ever passed by that road at night but the mall has this really big light glass panel at the front of building. I never ceased to be amazed and mesmerised by the lights… everytime i go home late and am feeling so tired, they tend to light me up straightaway…. sometimes, i’ll even slow down my car jst a lil bit to look at the lights. mind you, it changes colours when i’m lucky.. if not, they’re just plain blue or some other color.


See what i’m talking about…. really very nice. I really salute the person who thought of this idea…. =D


Dissapearance 7 April, 2009

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Yes, yes i know… i’ve been MIA for like ages. LoLzz…! But my life has been like a roller coaster, so it’s better not to blog about anything lest they sound sad and depressing.

Anyway… I was very touched by what a colleague of mine did today.  i was asking him to sign some documents and i noticed he has a faber castell mechanical pencil which looks exactly like the one i had. But mine spoiled a long time ago.. i really love that ‘nip pencil’ of mine cuz it had a nice grip to it, due to the material used for the pencil’s body. some rubbery kind of material but won’t get sticky tht kind, know what i’m saying? haha..

I tried searching for it but sadly to no avail. guess the model’s too old, they’ve discontinued the production. Sighh… =(

So, back to my colleague. I told him the same thing about how i loved my ‘nip pencil’ so much and how i tried looking for it but i couldn’t find it. and there it was, tucked in my colleague’s diary.

Immediately he was like, here… you can have it. I was surprised. I told him, no, no….it’s okay.. i was just sharing the info with you. he insisted i have it because he said, i’ll appreciate the pencil more than him.. to him it’s just another mechanical pencil but to me it had some appreciation and ‘love’. However you should put it.. hahahha….

So, the pencil’s now mine. Although the quality of the pencil’s not the same… but the appearance look the same. well, it is a token of sincerity from my colleague.. and i’ll really appreciate my ‘new’ pencil. =D


Accident~~ 5 August, 2008

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I had an accident yesterday. I really thank God that the car coming out of the junction did not bang into the right side of my car, that i jammed on the breaks in time without having my car crashed into the side curb and there were no oncoming vehicles behind my car.

I don’t think it was my fault.. There are two junctions which are around 5-10 seconds apart going into my place. I normally take the 2nd junction because it’s nearer to home. I made sure my signal light was turned on only after the 1st junction.. but yet the car (so what if it was an Evo) came out from the junction as though i was invisible. O_o

As though in slow motion, i saw the the black Evo nearing my car till it was inches away from my car *during that moment, all i could think of was “it’s coming, it’s gonna bang” *…that was when i swerved to the left side of the road and jammed on the breaks.

I was filled with rage after that… i couldn’t even remember if i bothered to look at my rear view mirror to see if there were any oncoming cars before moving to the right side of the road.

It was hours after the incident that a different feeling came to me. Fear. What if the car really bang into mine? How bad would the situation be? Would i badly hurt? Would anyone know? Would YOU even know? Suddenly i felt so alone…


The good old days… 25 June, 2008

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During my secondary schooling days, i had this friend who were my ‘partner-in-crime’ or something to that effect. We had sat beside each other for years because we were always in the same class. There was this plan that we came up with, between the two of us.. It happened whenever we were gossiping, or talking about stuffs that we didn’t want others to know about. Everytime someone was within earshot of our conversation, we would immediately switch our topic of conversation to…….food, specifically burgers or hotdogs. Below is an example of how our conversation would be like:

Eh, you know ah.. i heard that SS got new gf again u know..

What?! Another new gf ah? I thot he just change like last month ago?

Izzit? I dunno la.. that’s what i heard from KK la… but that’s not the main point. You know who the gf is anot??

Who? Who?? Someone we know ah..?

Of course la….!

Who wh….

*suddenly a friend stopped at our desks…

Told you to try that one lor. That one very nice one.

Ya meh? You sure anot? Don’t bluff me wor.

What you all toking bout?

Hotdog lor.. ask her to try that one she dowan to listen.

You all ah…hotdog also got topic one.

*friend leaves our desks..

So, who’s the girl?

And we would continue our conversation again as though nothing happened. It was a pretty good plan too, because it enabled us to gossip all we want and no one would know about it. There was once a friend who happened to ask us, why after so long we were still on the same topic. Hahahah….

On another matter, (still during my schooling days tho) does any of you noticed that if you stop and stare at something for a long time, soon the other people who are around you also does the same?

I spoke of this to the same friend of mine one day, before the morning assembly. I told her, let’s try it out and see if others do the same. So the two of us, stood still and look up in the sky. Soon afterwards, a few friends, stopped, looked up in the sky and asked us what were looking at. We just said “Nothing“. They replied by saying “If nothing then why the two of you looking up?”. “Because we like la. Why you also looking?



Cold days without you…. 24 June, 2008

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I thought i’ll be okay. For almost two months there were no arguments, at all. I was walking in the clouds, feeling like the happiest and luckiest person in the whole universe. But then it happen.

I thought i’ll be okay. I’ve told myself repeatedly, don’t fuss over the small stuffs. Always look on the bright side, be grateful, be glad. Learn to appreciate and trust.

Ahh…trust. Such a heavy word. Have i not learn to trust all this time? But i do trust you. I do. I blame myself for being insecure. I guess deep down inside, i’d somehow felt that i’m not good enough for you, that i’ll never be good enough for you. You should deserve someone better, someone older perhaps? Someone more matured, maybe? Sighh…

Are you happy with me? I remember asking you that question before.. Do you still remember your reply to me? It made me hit you playfully on your chest, but what is your answer now? You’ve been pretty cold to me since i lashed out at you last week. I’m sorry, my love. Truly i am…

When will you come back to me? Or are you too busy to care about me anymore?


Home, Home, where art thou?

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Been searching for a suitable place to stay since the petrol hike. Didn’t realised that it’s so much work looking for one that i like and can imagine myself going back to. I need a place that is more than just a sleeping pad for me as i spend most of my time at home rather than out.

Hopefully something nice comes along soon…i’m beginning to give up hope that i’ll be able to find something i like. Haha…